• SAP Concur App
    • From Receipt capture to reimbursement, you can manage the entire expense reporting process with the convenience of a mobile device. Concur makes it simple for employees and managers to complete all expense reporting tasks on the go.
    • Additional training on the capabilities of the mobile app, can be found here.
  • TripIT Pro
    • Creates a master itinerary for each of your trips that you can access anytime and keeps your itinerary, reservations, meetings, and other trip info all in one place and easy to share. Provides trip alerts and updates (i.e. gate changes, delays, cancellations) and airport maps and additional travel details. With PathGroup’s contract, employees receive a free TripIt Pro account!
    • To access your TripIt Pro account, go to App Center in Concur and under TripIt Pro, select Learn More and then connect.
  • Log into Concur on a computer and go to your Profile Settings. Under “Other Settings” chose Mobile Registration and enter your e-mail. Make sure to verify your e-mail on Concur, otherwise the apps will not be connected. An e-mail will be sent from Concur with further instructions.
  • You will set up a PIN to login to Concur Mobile, you will not use your SSO password.

Concur Mobile allows users to connect travel apps that are on their phone for ease of use. To connect an app, open the Concur Mobile app and tap the menu icon (the three lines stacked on top of each other) in the top-left corner. Under Apps select “Connect to Apps” and add the desired apps.