Concur Profile & System

Select the ‘Login to Concur’ tab at the top of the page. This will route you to the Concur Sign In page.

To add your Credit Card to your Concur Account, log in to Concur and follow the instructions below.

    • Select “Profile” in the upper right. You will see the Profile drop-down menu. Select “Profile Settings”
    • Select “Credit Cards” under “Your Information” on the left side of the page.
    • Select “Add a Credit Card”
    • Fill out all appropriate fields and check boxes.

If the system appears to be running slow or you are experiencing issues logging in or using Request/Travel/Expense functions you can check the Concur Status Board to see if there is an active service outage. In the top right corner of the screen you can click “Subscribe to Updates” if you wish to receive updates when the system is experiencing issues.

Travelers are responsible for assigning delegates to prepare travel and expenses in Concur. Go to Profile Settings > Expense Delegates in Concur to assign a delegate.

    • To assign a delegate to book travel, select Can Book Travel, Can Submit Requests, and Receives Email.
    • To assign a delegate to prepare expense reports, select Can Prepare and Receives Email.

To configure e-mail notifications:

    • Log into Concur and navigate to Profile Settings. Under Expense Settings is an option for Expense Preferences. On this screen you can check the boxes for any e-mail notifications you wish to receive.


  • All expense reports are approved by your supervisor.

Travel Requests

Contact PathGroup Travel Office

If you have submitted a Request for a trip but are no longer able to go on the trip, you may cancel the request.

    • Under the Requests tab, click the Request name to open the request page
    • Select the Cancel Request button on the top-right of the page.

Travel Bookings

Concur is required for the submission of all expense reports related to travel. The PathGroup Travel Program has been implemented in order to provide competitive pricing for PathGroup employees. Discounted rates are based on volume (the more travelers who use the system, the better the rates); therefore, employees booking through Concur and CTP will allow PathGroup to negotiate the best rates with airlines. It also ensures that any PathGroup Frequent Travel Programs are being utilized.

It is recommended that airfare be booked 14-21 days in advance.

Yes, multi leg trips can be booked online.

It is suggested that complicated, multi-leg, international itinearies be booked by a Full Service agent.

In most instances a pre-reserved seat can be done online while making your reservation; however, once a reservation has been ticketed and confirmed, you can access the airline’s website and modify the seat assignment or make changes based on frequent flyer status. It is important to note that a pre-reserved seat is never guaranteed.

The traveler’s freqent flyer number will be printed on the final invoice that is sent by CTP. It will be listed under Frequent Flyer Info.

Frequent Flyer information can be added to the traveler’s profile. Once it has been added to the profile, it will automatically be included in any reservation for that airline.

If required, Conference bookings can be booked through the website, if using Concur to book a hotel at a conference rate, please use conference Hotel request.

Please contact CTP. They will make the necessary changes to your travel plans. Justification will need to be provided to PathGroup for changes.

Extra leg room, early check in and change in flight class can be obtained by contacting the airline company directly. All additional requests will require an explanation for additional charges.

Expense Report

For instructions on creating an expense report, please see the Expense Reference Guide under Job Aids / Training.

Expense reports should be submitted no later than 30 days after the end of your trip.


It is typically takes 3-8 business days for the charges to be imported into Concur. This is dependent upon when the merchant sends the transactions to the credit card company.

  • Expense Assistant is an automated expense report feature that was created by Concur. When this feature is turned on, it begins to build an expense report from available, eligible expenses automatically as the expense is loaded into the system.
  • To turn on Expense Assistant, go to the Expense tab within Concur. You will see a blue box with an information icon with “Enable Expense Assitant” bolded between the Active Reports and Available Expenses sections. Click on the “Learn More” link to follow instructions to enable the feature. To disable Expense Assistant, click the “Stop this process” link that appears between the Active Reports and Available Expenses sections on the Expense tab within Concur.
  • See Expense Assistant FAQ for answers to many questions regarding this service.


Detailed receipt images or e-receipts are required for anything over $15. Please contact the supplier for a receipt if the original was lost. If you are unable to locate a receipt a Missing Receipt Affidavit can be attached. Depending on the expense, a supervisory or signature may be required.

There are multiple ways to attach receipts in Concur depending on the tool that you are using. Instructions are as follows.

    • Concur Mobile App:
      • Within the app, use the ExpenseIt (camera) icon to take a picture of your receipt. The ExpenseIt smart capture will begin
      • An expense item will be created from the receipt, and the expense and receipt image will display under Available Expenses.
      • More information about the Concur mobile app can be found here.